geri lynn smith

Hello and thank you for taking a moment to view my photos. If you cannot live without one or two, thank you for your purchase.

I seriously started photography over twenty years ago by joining local clubs and buying photo books. Seminars and a few classes later, I try to make a photo that makes you think. Obvious shots are out there en mass, but if I can inspire you to see it in another way, job done!

I love to explore the coast of Maine and find unique shots of traditional pictures. I can actually say that these photos are truly out of the camera. There is little or no computer manipulation, so what I saw is what you can enjoy.

I sell stock photos through Shutterstock and iStockPhoto/Getty Images. I have worked with the Marine Department at the University of New England and I have taught classes with the Portland Camera Club, the Adult Ed at Noble High School, Berwick, ME, Old Orchard Beach, ME and Wells/Ogunquit, ME.

If you need a certain photo, can't find it, just email me. Thanks again. Appreciate your feedback.

***NEW FOR 2020**** Private photography lessons...learn the nuts and bolts of your camera and begin to take photographs and not snapshots. From the beginner to advanced photographers, I can tailor a program to help you "see" and develop your creative vision. Please call for appointments as rates start at $50 per hour. 207-651-3382

Geri Lynn Smith